Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (GSLC) is a thriving community of believers and lovers of the Word, Jesus Christ. We have a strong tradition of hospitality and service to members and to the community. Please visit GSLC to experience for yourself the fellowship of Christ!

It is our hope that this website will help you sense the personality of this church. We love God and we love people - especially visitors like you!

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Why We Exist

At Good Shepherd Lutheran Church we strive to provide a sanctuary for prayerful worship within a respectful and welcoming environment and to meet the spiritual needs of our congregation and community, using Christian ideas and values.


The Bible is the blueprint for living life to the fullest.  God calls us to follow the Word.  By God's grace we will grow stronger as a community and closer to God through the Word.


God wants us to love and keep our focus on Him.  Yes, as humans we all do fall short of the glory of God. Yet God has given each of us gifts to use to do God's work.  It is our mission to nurture the Christ in ourselves and in each person we encounter on our life's path.  With God's help, we pray and work everyday to do our very best.


Christ commands us to love God and one another as He has loved us.  We are called to engage in hospitality and fellowship at every opportunity.  God will bless our efforts to serve others who are not as fortunate as we are.


Bobbi Boles

11:00 Music Coordinator

Bobbi Boles has served Good Shepherd as organist and choir accompanist since 1995. A church organist for more than 50 years, she is a retired high school secretary, and she works extensively with band and choir students for contests, performances, and special music at GSLC.


Stephanie Patriarco

Administrative Assistant


Stephanie Patriarco became the administrative assistant for Good Shepherd in September of 2016. In addition to her administrative work and coordination of office volunteers and staff, Stephanie is the wife of Dan, and the mother of Grace and Luke.


Stephanie will cheerfully assist you during church office hours on Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. Call 440-599-8908 or email the office at: goodshepherd@gwcmail.net.

Jim Fuller

8:30 Music Coordinator

Jim has been a church musician since 1998, and he currently leads the GSLC "Believers Fire" Praise Band. With music being the center of his life, Jim also teaches privately at the Conneaut Community Center for the Arts and the Ashtabula Arts Center, coaches high school brass players, gives piano lessons, and plays professionally with local Christian and jazz bands. Jim is also quite the handyman, with special expertise in paint.



Mary Steighner

Sunday School Superintendent

and Custodian

Mary has been custodian at GSLC since 2013.  Caring for the cleanliness of our building and caring for children are her passions.  In 2013 she became Sunday School Superintendent.  Mary also works at a local day care center. She has a daughter, Jasmine.

Chris Murtha

Secretary Assistant

Chris Murtha serves as secretary at Good Shepherd. A longtime member of Good Shepherd and the Good Shepherd choir, Chris also volunteers as the financial secretary, a position she has filled since 1998.

Chris is married to Lou, and they have four grown children. She is also the fiscal officer for Monroe Township. Chris is in the church office on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m and can be reached by calling 440-599-8908 or by emailing  goodshepherd@gwcmail.net.


"I felt right at home when I walked through the doors of Good Shepherd for the first time. Everyone was very welcoming and I felt no pressure by any means. I have now been going to the church for 2 years and love connecting with everyone here."

"I would highly recommend this church to anyone who is feeling lost, empty, or just looking to connect and grow with God. I was a non-believer before coming to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and now I have had a chance to build my relationship with Christ. It has been an awesome experience."