Questions and Answers

Q:What should I wear to Church?

A: Whatever you feel comfortable worshiping in.  The history of wearing the "Sunday Best" has turned a lot of people away from church because they don't feel they would be welcomed in the church worship.  Here at Good Shepherd, the pastor wants you to be present to worship God and not worry whether or not you'll be accepted based on what you wear.  The pastor is dressed "casual" (i.e. only wearing a stole as a vestment) for the contemporary service and more "formal" (i.e. an alb and a stole) for the traditional service.  During the summer months, we worship God outside the building during the contemporary service and inside during the traditional service (where the pastor has gone to a stole only at both services).

Q: Am I welcomed?

A: YES, unequivocally and without a doubt, yes.

Q: Will I be asked to do anything when I visit?

A: The only thing we ask is to worship God.  While we hope at some point you would like to involve yourself in the ministries of the church, we will not ask you to do anything other than worship God.

Q: Is there a right way and/or a wrong way to worship God?

A: There is no wrong way to worship God as long as your heart and mind is focused on God.  Good Shepherd offers two services, a contemporary music service and a traditional music service.  Worshiping God is about God, not about the worshipers.  

Q: What is worship like?

A: Well, depends.  The contemporary worship service has music from various artists usually played on a keyboard with the occasional band as accompaniment.  The traditional worship service has music from a hymnal played on the organ with the occasional piano.  Both services have the same basic order or liturgy.  They have the same readings, sermon, and Rite of Holy Communion. 

Q: How often do you have communion?

A: Every week at both services.  The only services that do not have communion are: midweek Lenten services and Good Friday.  All other times we gather will have Holy Communion.

Q: Is everyone welcome at communion?

A: At Good Shepherd, we believe all baptized are welcome to share in communion.  However, the pastor will never refuse a person at the communion table baptized or not.  The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), which Good Shepherd is part of, has Full Communion Partnership with many other denominations.  Contact the pastor should you have further questions.

Q: Are there any "rules" that I need to know if I've never been to church before?

A: The only "rule" the pastor has is come ready to worship God, to put all your focus on God, and have a good connection with God.  If you are concerned about attending Good Shepherd, please contact the church.